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A thought about life.

In a world full of survivors, how it is possible to attain a place of calmness, a place of peace, a place where a person feels alive. We all are running to achieve some materialistic things in our life but no one is peeping into ourselves, what are they trying to achieve if there is no happiness, no calmness inside. It all seems worthless if you’re mind is not in a state of peace. One thing we can do is to make some time for ourselves. That one period of hotness in which we’ll do something which we likes to do. That could be anything.. Depends on person to person but that one moment in our whole hectic day can be helpful to refresh ourselves. That one moment will make us feel good.

For me, that moment is listening old songs, reading some good articles, or just looking at my past pictures. We all should have some time for ourselves for a joyful life.

Second is we should have to understand the difference between the reality and illusions. Just don’t run for the things which are virtual… We think about something which is not in real and feel sad about it. If that could have happen, I would be the most successful person today. Don’t think about what’s not there. Think about what’s there for you. Keep your mind in a straight direction. If our mind is working positively, many things will sort it out automatically because what our conscious mind thinks our sub conscious mind follows. So be in a real world. Think positive and be positive. Connect with nature to understand life. Make this world a best place to live and this can be happen only if we start by ourselves.

Self reflection is the only way to make your mind absolutely peaceful.